• Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why only BITCOIN? It is anonymous for you as clients, fast, agile and simple, many systems ask or demand that you put your real data in your accounts to be able to process your payments, This causes a huge risk for you because if that system has any inconvenience your data They can be exposed, for that and other reasons we do not allow any payment on our platform that is not BITCOIN.

As you well know or if you did not know, BITCOIN does not have refunds, but we do so through the address of your BITCOIN wallet, at the time a refund is needed for any reason and we proceed to make the refund, it has provide us with the address of your BITCOIN wallet in order to make the refund.

BITCOIN is a simple, effective but above all PRIVATE and ANONYMOUS solution.

To pay with BITCOIN you can use

Here is a video explaining how to do it step by step.